Maximizing Music Xray (Paperback)

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---The MARKET------------------------------------- SONGWRITERS - MUSICIANS - MUSIC BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS - Music STUDENTS If MUSIC IS A VIBRANT FORCE in your vicinity, or your outlet is located near a: college, university, music school, music store, recording studio YOU SHOULD STOCK THIS BOOK. There are hundreds of thousands of songwriters ready and anxious to buy it Music Xray is a rapidly expanding international marketplace. It CONNECTS musicians who want to SELL their work to record labels, film, and commercial users who NEED - and want to BUY - MUSIC. Music Xray gives writers the thing they want most in the world: ACCESS to professional music buyers. The book "Maximizing Music Xray" explains the inner workings of the Music Xray service. It's the OWNER'S MANUAL - full of tips and shortcuts for people wanting to get the MOST out of the process. ---CATALOG DESCRIPTION-------------------------------- Maximizing Music Xray: The songwriter's low cost, direct pipeline to the "EARS" of the music business. Writers who use Music Xray, SELL their songs. You'll learn presentation tricks that help your song sell itself. Maximizing Music Xray analyzed over 2000 song pitches and 300 target opportunities. You'll discover: What Music Xray is, how it works, what it gives you as a writer/performer. The Pitch. What works and what doesn't. What do buyers really want? Don't waste money aiming at the wrong targets. Selling the song? Or yourself as the performer? Two different goals, two different pitches. Special songwriting tips for international users, and instrumental / soundtrack writers. .MP3 sound slip-ups you must avoid. Be Careful. Formatting your lyrics for maximum impact. Where and how to get help with Music Xray. How NOT to shoot yourself in the foot. An INSIDE, behind the scenes, look at how the Music Buyer evaluates your songs. This book gives your songs a head start getting into the marketplace of the music industry. Maximizing Music Xray pays for itself when it gets you in one right door, or keeps you from blowing a precious opportunity.
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Publication Date: January 9th, 2015
Pages: 102
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