Choose FI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence (Hardcover)

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Read the book from the award-winning podcast ChooseFI, credited with sparking the Financial Independence Movement that is sweeping the globe.

If you are in debt, bad with money, or looking for a straightforward way to take command of your finances, this book is for you. This isn't just another personal finance book or budgeting guide telling you how to live like someone else. This book will give you the framework for success from dozens of people who have found their own path to financial independence.

Choose FI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence makes managing your money simple, accessible, and actionable.

Anyone can follow these simple, common-sense lessons - the key is to take action Get started on your path to Financial Independence today.

About the Author

Chris Mamula Chris regularly writes about financial independence while expanding the conversation around what retirement is and can be at His articles have been featured on MarketWatch, DoughRoller, and Business Insider. He achieved financial independence and retired from his physical therapy career in 2017, at the age of 41. In addition to writing, he now focuses on being a dedicated husband, stay at home dad and dirtbag/ski-bum depending on the season at his home in the mountains of Utah. Brad Barrett After years in public accounting as a CPA, Brad reached financial independence at the age of 35 through diligent savings and investing. Brad Is passionate about everything from saving money, living a life focused on health, fitness, relationships and an empowering mindset, to ‘boring' things like tracking your finances and cutting down on your tax bill. But his favorite topic is leveraging credit card rewards to save more money, and take trips you never would have dreamed possible for pennies on the dollar. Jonathan Mendonsa Prior to discovering the financial independence / early retirement movement, Jonathan Mendonsa followed the “normal path,” which ultimately led him to graduate pharmacy school at the age of 28 with $168,000 in student loans. Now, four years later, he has clawed his way out of debt and is aggressively pursuing financial independence. From his own experience, Jonathan is passionate about the pursuit of financial independence and its power to change lives. He is thrilled to share his experiments in life optimization as a co-host of the ChooseFI podcast.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780960058914
ISBN-10: 0960058915
Publisher: Choose Fi Media, Inc.
Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Pages: 334
Language: English