Growing Succulents: A Pictorial Guide (Over 1,500 Photos and 700 Plants) (Paperback)

Growing Succulents: A Pictorial Guide (Over 1,500 Photos and 700 Plants) By Shoichi Tanabe Cover Image
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An invaluable reference for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike

Beginners will love this book for its pictorial and concise approach to growing, grouping and caring for succulents and cacti to make them thrive. Experienced succulents enthusiasts will appreciate the sheer variety of plants described here-- a detailed field guide to over 700 varieties, from the Echeveria "Fleur Blanc" with its pink-tinged leaves to the exotic "plaid" Euphorbia obese that is so popular among collectors. Growing Succulents includes details a more casual grower wouldn't need, for instance, such as making a framed growing area specifically for your succulents to thrive and multiply.

Author Shoichi Tanabe walks you through all the steps from selecting your plants to potting, watering and displaying them. In this complete guide you will find everything from:
  • Advice on selecting the right plants for your environment and lifestyle
  • How to create attractive groupings of succulents and spaces which thrive together
  • Tips on ensuring the right light, air flow, humidity and watering regimen
  • Essential tools and soils as well as how and when to transplant your succulents
  • And so much more

The plants are grouped by seasons (spring-fall or summer-winter types), when and how much to water them, their ease of cultivation, and more. Tips for cultivating each genus are included, along with plenty of advice on how to keep them healthy and vigorous.

An index to all the plants makes this an indispensable guide when adding to your collection of succulents, cacti and air plants.

About the Author

Shoichi Tanabe is the owner of Tanabe Flower, a succulents specialty shop in Kawasaki in Japan's Kanagawa Prefecture, which houses over 600 varieties of succulents year-round, with the aim of serving the needs of longtime fans and new devotees alike.
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ISBN: 9780804855532
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Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Publication Date: September 12th, 2023
Pages: 176
Language: English