Traditions, Essays on the Japanese Martial Arts and Ways: Tuttle Martial Arts (Paperback)

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The goals of budo--the martial arts and ways of Japan--lie in refining the body and spirit. The techniques, methods, and rituals of budo can provide invaluable lessons for today's martial artists--and serve as guides to a well-lived life.

In Traditions, Dave Lowry discusses unique aspects of budo ranging from hacho, or deliberate asymmetry, to uke-waza, the art of receiving an attack. The spirit of ryomi, the process of self-evaluation and improvement, is illustrated through the story of Kaofujita, a master swordsman who never stopped practicing the first movement he learned. You'll also learn the importance of yuyo, the distance where an attacker must focus his strike, from the story of Jubei, whose mastery of yuyo saved him in a life-and-death encounter, and the significance of shikaku, the dead zone, on maintaining balance in combat and in life.

With its focus on traditional Japanese martial arts and fascinating stories that illustrate key principles and martial arts philosophy, Traditions will be required reading for serious martial artists.

About the Author

Dave Lowry has been involved in the study of traditional Japanese martial arts and ways since 1968 and has written about them for more than twenty years. His articles have appeared in magazines in the US, Japan, and the UK, including work as a long-time columnist for Black Belt magazine. He is the author of several books on Japan and budo, including Sword and Brush, Persimmon Wind, and Moving Toward Stillness.
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Publication Date: June 6th, 2017
Pages: 184
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