The Power of Zu: Applying Mardukite Zuism and Systemology to Everyday Life (Hardcover)

The Power of Zu: Applying Mardukite Zuism and Systemology to Everyday Life Cover Image
By Joshua Free, Reed Penn (Foreword by)
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A Practical Approach to Spiritual Technology...

...Welcome to 21st Century Mardukite New Thought.

A Revised and Expanded Premiere Hardcover Collector's Edition of the Original New Thought Introductory Lecture Series by Joshua Free

We exist at the threshold of a true New Age,

standing to witness the first rays of a Crystal Dawn on the horizon.

Sparks of Clear Light from a forthcoming Crystal Age peek out to awaken the first seeds and cells of Earth to a new realization.

It signals the inception of the Coming Race -- a new era for a new type of metahuman.

Now a decade in the making behind-the-scenes -- since Systemology: The Original Thesis quietly debuted in 2011 -- Joshua Free emerges from the underground with a new public presentation of Mardukite Zuism and Systemology and a new Mardukite Esoteric Research Library of concise, practical and effective spiritual technologies; new classics such as Tablets of Destiny, Crystal Clear, Metahuman Destinations and Imaginomicon.

The Power of Zu documents the first introduction course given on practical Mardukite Zuism philosophy to the Systemology Society.

Candidly presenting the entire subject from scratch in a way that anyone can understand, now you too can approach Mardukite Zuism and discover the underlying Systemology of all Existence -- exactly as experienced by advanced students and newcomers that actually attended the three-day lecture series given live in December 2019.

Discover The Power of Zu and the Keys to Increasing Control of the Radiant Energy in Everyday Life

This premiere hardcover collector's edition includes:

  • complete transcripts to all nine lectures in The Power of Zu series;
  • an extended introduction by Reed Penn describing the discovery of Spiritual Life Energy in Mardukite Zuism and Systemology -- the concept of "ZU" in Sumerian cuneiform language;
  • the "Mardukite Zuism: A Brief Introduction" discourse; and
  • a newly revised Glossary for easily referencing the specific meaning intended for nearly 200 terms used in these lecture transcripts.

The Power of Zu introduces concise practical fundamentals of Mardukite Zuism and Systemology as applied to everyday life

ZU (Sumerian, Babylonian) = to know, knowingness, awareness, consciousness; a concentration of spiritual energy and spiritual matter that is observed as Lifeforce or Spiritual Life Energy; the essence of an Individual "I" or Self as a Spirit and Awareness...

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Publication Date: July 8th, 2021
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