Environmental Forensics (Forensic Meteorology): How the Atmosphere Affects Criminal Investigations & Other Professional Research - Cyclogenesis Publis (Paperback)

Environmental Forensics (Forensic Meteorology): How the Atmosphere Affects Criminal Investigations & Other Professional Research - Cyclogenesis Publis Cover Image
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Forensics - the new buzz word. Finding a compilation of topics on this new and fascinating field is not easy. This is a 'must read' for anyone who has an interest in this rapidly emerging area. A great introduction to a fascinating study

The influence of temperature is the most important one to the object of the forensic focus: insects on corpses. This book may help as a starter not only to check for temperature but also for microclimatic changes in forensic entomology cases. It also stresses that interdisciplinary methods - i.e., experts from different fields working together, not one expert trying to become an expert in too many fields - that leads to truly successful understanding of what happened when and how on a scene of crime.

The purpose of this book is to equip the student with sufficient background knowledge of the following subjects and to appreciate their application to investigations and introduce the science of forensic meteorology and its effects on all types of investigations.

The information is either directly or indirectly related to the science of meteorology and serves as a tool to understand what investigators are up against when conducting investigations and gives the meteorologist a keener sense of awareness when assisting in the investigation. It is not intended to be a beginner's guide], but more of a source of information about the range of expert knowledge that is available to assist in investigations and create a starting point to make the investigator an intelligent client of the expert. The nice part about this manual is that it brings all respected professionals together under one umbrella and galvanizes their expertise into a 'successful team environment'.

Forensic Meteorology (a division of atmospheric forensics) is the science involving the application of meteorological analysis to cases involving events for which Medico-legal, legal and/or insurance claims are being made. The forensic meteorologist (F.M.) "reconstructs" the weather near the time and place of the event, using and interpreting all available data sources, including weather observations, weather radar, and satellite, lightning detection equipment and any other information that deem necessary to the case. The F.M. will need to expand on his/her technique by performing single station recordings where comparisons of weather elements are needed. That means visiting the crime scene

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