Property and Justice: A Liberal Theory of Natural Rights (Political Philosophy for the Real World) (Hardcover)

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This book gives an account of a full spectrum of property rights and their relationship to individual liberty. It shows that a purely deontological approach to justice can deal with the most complex questions regarding the property system. Moreover, the author considers the economic, ecological, and technological complexities of our real-world property systems. The result is a more conceptually sound account of natural rights and the property system they demand.

If we think that liberty should be at the centre of justice, what does that mean for the property system? Economists and lawyers widely agree that a property system must be composed of many different types of property: the kind of private ownership one has over one's person and immediate possessions, as well as the kinds of common ownership we each have in our local streets, as well as many more. However, theories of property and justice have not given anything approaching an adequate account of the relationship between liberty and any other form of property other than private ownership. It is often thought that a basic commitment to liberty cannot really tell us how to arrange the major complexities of the property system, which diverge from simple private ownership.

Property and Justice demonstrates how philosophical rigour coupled with interdisciplinary engagement enables us to think clearly about how to deal with real-world problems. It will be of interest to political philosophers, political theorists, and legal theorists working on property rights and justice.

About the Author

Billy Christmas is a Lecturer in Political Theory at King's College London in the Department of Political Economy, where he is also the PPE Programme Director. As a philosopher his research interests lie in Rights, Property, and Political Authority. He has previously published articles in journals such as The Journal of Politics, Economics and Philosophy, and The Philosophical Quarterly
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ISBN: 9780367275167
ISBN-10: 0367275163
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: March 30th, 2021
Pages: 184
Language: English
Series: Political Philosophy for the Real World