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ISBN-13: 9780199938773
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Published: Oxford University Press, USA, 2/2014

March 31st:  Woodrow Wilson Center

"Richly documented through previously unmined archival sources and eminently readable, Unwanted Visionaries offers a provocative and controversial new synthesis of Soviet Asia policy in the last phase of the Cold War. Sergey Radchenko provides essential historical context for understanding Asia's dynamics today." --Christian F. Ostermann, Woodrow Wilson Center

ISBN-13: 9780674430006
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: Belknap Press, 4/2014

April 15th  : Woodrow Wilson Center

This book is not only the definitive account of the historical evolution of inequality in advanced economies, it is also a magisterial treatise on capitalism s inherent dynamics. Piketty ends his book with a ringing call for the global taxation of capital. Whether or not you agree with him on the solution, this book presents a stark challenge for those who would like to save capitalism from itself.--Dani Rodrik, Institute for Advanced Study"